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Garage Door Thresholds


garage door thresholdThe Tsunami Seal and BLT G-Floor garage door thresholds help solve the issue of water, insects, dirt, spiders, and rodents entering your property through the space between the garage door bottom and the concrete floor.

The Tsunami Seal garage door seal is sold in a complete kit. Each kit comes with the adhesive and a caulking gun. Each of these garage door thresholds is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Tsunami Seal is constructed of heavy-duty PVC. Like most products we offer, this garage door threshold kit is proudly made in the USA.

Installing this product is easy. Begin with clean concrete, line up your threshold, and mark its position with a pencil. Now lift it, put the adhesive on the concrete, and then replace the threshold. You're done! Please note that we cannot guarantee this product's adhesion on epoxy or painted flooring. While it generally works, there is no way that we can test it on each and every variety of paint and epoxy.

Tsunami Seal Brand Only: Each garage door threshold is 3 1/2" wide and 1/2" tall. The 10' product comes with one tube of adhesive. The 16' through 20' models include two tubes of adhesive. The 50' includes five tubes and the 100' includes 10 tubes. Please note that the 50' and 100' rolls do not include the caulk guns. G-Floor Brand does not include as much adhesive or a caulking gun.


Tsunami Seal Garage Door Threshold & G-Floor Garage Door Threshold

Size Pricing Select Color
10' Tsunami Seal $47.95
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16' Tsunami Seal $75.95
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18' Tsunami Seal $85.95
Qty     Color     Add To Cart
20' Tsunami Seal $94.95
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50' Tsunami Seal $222.95
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100' Tsunami Seal $388.95
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10' G-Floor Threshold $41.00
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16' G-Floor Threshold $56.00
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